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My Presentations

Many more presentations can be viewed on my SlideShare page.

Association Management Resources

  • See my blogroll near the bottom of the right sidebar for recommended blogs to read.
  • Looking for folks to follow on Twitter? See my Twitter list of association tweeps or check the #assnchat (association chat) hashtag.
  • #assnchat: Twitter chat every Tuesday at 2pm Eastern.
  • On LinkedIn, search for ASAE and/or your state SAE in the Groups Directory.

Social Media Basics

My Basics series covers Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Reader, social media monitoring (or listening) and the benefits of social media participation.

When I started to learn about social media, I began with the bloggers listed below. I recommend subscribing to their blogs via an RSS feed. To learn how RSS works, watch these Commoncraft videos – RSS in Plain English and Google Reader in Plain English.

Social Media for Associations

Twitter – For lots of good guidance and tips on Twitter, check out my Twitter Basics series.

Facebook – The Help Center on Facebook is a good place to start, but the Mashable Facebook Guide Book is also a great resource.

LinkedIn – A good place to start is my LinkedIn Basics series. For more resources check out The LinkedIn Learning Center and the LinkedIn Blog.

My Tips for Social Media Success:

  1. Provide content that others will value and find interesting enough to share.
  2. Share the spotlight – retweet, give link love and credit to others.
  3. Be the real you – honest and genuine. Bring your whole self to the space.
  4. Participate in conversations – listen, comment and reply.
  5. Spread social media good karma by helping others.
  6. Keep self-promotion to a minimum. No broadcasting.
  7. Manage your time wisely. Schedule time for social media. Set a timer. Shut down apps when done.
  8. Have fun. Make us both smile, or even better, laugh.
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