My twitter pal, Toni Rae Brotons, started a new “three things” meme. Jamie Notter created one about leadership that I responded to, and now I’ll take up Toni’s topic. She writes:

I am currently reading This I Believe, a book of short essays based on an NPR radio series, where men and women, famous or not, expound on their personal philosophies. Naturally, reading this book that includes a few people I greatly admire inspires me to wonder exactly what I would write about should I be called upon to write an essay called “This I Believe.”

Toni gave us permission to not think too deeply so once again I’m not. Here are the three things that I believe:

1.  I believe nothing is better than laughter. I’ve been watching my one and a half year old nephew Henry on Thursday afternoons and we laugh a lot together. And we’re goofy. Okay, I’m goofy, and we both laugh. I think my blood pressure probably goes down twenty points when I’m with him. Whether it’s laughing with Henry, my goofy brothers, my equally goofy boyfriend, my friends, whomever — those will be the memories that mean the most to me.

2.  I believe that helping others comes in a close second. It feels good, doesn’t it? Think about the most satisfying parts of your job — is it when you are helping others? It’s always been that way with me. If you need to improve your mood, help someone, or just be nice to someone. It works.

3.  I believe food tastes better at the beach. I think we can all agree on this. I don’t even mind the sand.

Those are my off-the-top-of-my-head three things I believe. What are yours?