SmartBlog Insights asked me to be a monthly contributor. Here is an excerpt from my latest post, Get Your Committees Off Life-Support.

On my flights to ASAE09 I read Cynthia D’Amour’s book “Lazy Leader’s Guide to Outrageous Results.” If you know Cynthia’s blog, you’ll recognize her bullet point style. This easy-reading format makes her book a perfect read for traveling.

She says that it’s not about you, the volunteer leader, it’s about others, so stop being a martyr and empower others to become leaders too. It’s a shift in attitude and behavior.

  • Develop others rather than doing all the work.
  • Invite people to have a fun and meaningful experience.
  • Celebrate the work of others.

As I read I remembered a chapter whose membership committee meetings were sadly predictable. The same old small crowd always showed up. New faces came and never returned. There was a lot of familiar banter but no energy or excitement. Members volunteered for tasks but nothing ever seemed to happen. Chairs were hard to get and usually appointed for political reasons. They served but didn’t lead. Why would anyone spend their precious time with this group? Sound familiar?

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