My latest guest post for the SmartBrief Insights blog was just published. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about providing real member value — “sticky” value, the kind that of value that a member couldn’t find elsewhere. And I’ve been thinking about revenue, how critical it is to have a diverse revenue stream — considering my recent experience, this is no surprise. This post touches on some ideas to ensure both member value and revenue.

As I was studying for the Certified Associate Executive (CAE) exam, I came across some ideas by Bruce Butterfield in Professional Practices in Association Management about defining the future. He says that by studying the customers of our members, we can better anticipate the emerging needs of our members and be in a position to provide true value to them. He lays out the steps of this process:

  • Examine the trends and emerging issues that will change the kind of customers the association’s members will face.
  • Identify new demands that these customers will place on the association’s members.
  • Identify the new skills, services and partners our members will need to meet these new demands.
  • Recommend new functions, products and services that the association will need to help its members meet these new needs.
  • Define a new position and revenue models for the association based on the new mission.

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