In LinkedIn Basics: Part 1, I gave some tips for enhancing your LinkedIn profile. Now let’s look at your profile Settings. The link to Settings is at the top of your home page. It’s a good idea to go through each setting when you have time so they’re set in a way that’s best for you.

Profile Settings

Where there is an option on visibility, as in My Profile Photo, Member Feed, select everyone. This is a networking site, there’s no need to hide anything.

Check Public Profile. Make sure that Full View is checked and that all the boxes underneath are checked.

In Twitter Settings, select Yes on Display your Twitter account if you have a Twitter account and would like those who view your LinkedIn profile to know about it.

For Share your tweets in your LinkedIn status in Twitter Settings, I suggest selecting Share only tweets that contain #in. LinkedIn is not the same audience as your Twitter followers and your tweets may not always be appropriate for LinkedIn. It might be too much noise for your LinkedIn connections if you make each tweet a status update.

Email Notifications

If you would like to display your email address so others can contact you about opportunities, check Contact Settings. Enter your email address in the text box under Opportunity Preferences.

Review Receiving Messages to make sure it’s customized the way you wish as far as frequency of emails – individual delivery, daily and weekly digests or none at all.

Check that you are receiving all invitations under Invitation Filtering.

Home Page Settings

In Network Updates –> Manage Updates by Type review the types of updates you want to see on your home page. Your selections here will depend on how interested you are in the LinkedIn life of your connections.

RSS Settings

If you would like to subscribe to the RSS feed for your network updates so you can view them at your leisure in Google Reader, you can get the feed address in Your Private RSS Feeds. An RSS feed will send you updates from your connections and deliver them to a feed reader, like Google Reader. Commoncraft videos explain how RSS feeds and Google Reader work.


Make sure you are receiving invitations in Group Invitation Filtering.

You can change the order in which your groups are displayed in Groups Order and Display. I’ll go into more details on groups in the next post.

Personal Information

Make sure your full name is checked, not your first name/last initial in Name & Location.

In Email Addresses, always have more than one email address listed in Current Email Addresses. In case you lose access to a work email address, you want to be sure you have a personal one listed there as well.

Privacy Settings

Check Connections Browse. Select Yes to allow your connections to see your other connections. The best approach to social networking is one of giving and helping. You can’t help others by hiding your connections.

Profile Views is a tricky one. Do you want people to know you visited their profile? Does it seem sort of stalkerish to you or completely normal? I go back and forth on this one, sometimes I have name and headline selected and sometimes, when I lean toward halfway hiding myself because I want to be nosy or curious privately, I have anonymous profile selected.

Review your Profile & Status Updates. For Publish profile updates, recommendations and companies you follow?, select Yes because if you make significant changes to your Profile — for example, new title or position, new award, etc. — wouldn’t you want your network to know? However, if you are editing your profile (doing housekeeping) and it’s not newsworthy, change this option to No before you do all that editing so you don’t keep sending out updates on your editing.

For Notify your connections of status updates?, select Yes because this is a great way to stay visible and encourage engagement with your network. Next time I’ll give some tips on using LinkedIn, including status updates.

Update: Part 3

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