I’ve been writing a series of posts for SmartBlog Insights called Social Strategies for Associations. It’s inspired by a post that Umair Haque wrote for the Harvard Business Review blog, From Social Media to Social Strategy. Haque believes social strategies will change the essence of organizations and social media tools can be a catalyst for that change. I’ve been talking about that for a while so his post really resonated with me. He talks about seven social strategies that will be the key to success and help organizations provide meaningful and sustainable value to members, customers and communities.

I’m riffing off each one of his social strategies, all cornily beginning with the letter ‘C’. I’ve already examined Character, Control, and Creativity. This week my Culture post will be published. The remaining posts will cover Clarity, Cohesion and Choreography. If you’re a regular reader of my weekly posts over there, some of my points might be familiar, but I don’t assume that anyone is a regular reader so I continue to play with these topics.

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