I’m taking a brief break from my Twitter Basics series to get ready for the American Society of Association Executives Annual Meeting & Exposition (aka #asae10 on Twitter). I fly to Los Angeles on Saturday and return to Raleigh on Wednesday, my birthday. I’ll celebrate by reflecting on good times and great knowledge, treating myself to good airport fare (ha!) and a good book. Next up on the reading list is Heat by Bill Buford, his tale of three years going from “kitchen bitch” to line cook in Mario Batali’s restaurant. It’s been unread in my bookcase since its publication and since I spent over a year as a “pastry wench” in a professional kitchen, I’m sure to identify with some of his experiences.

Today, I’m going to share some good posts by other bloggers about #asae10. In posts later this week, I’ll share preparation tips for #asae10 and resources to help you eat and drink well while in LA.

But before I do that, a time sensitive task: take a look at your business cards. Are they up to date? Do they include your social media profiles – personal blog or website, twitter username and LinkedIn profile? If not, order some new ones today that include your regular professional contact info but also your personal social info as well. Zazzle has quick turnaround on business cards if you pay for overnight or two-day shipping.

Now for good reading — Maddie Grant starts her Socialfish post with a Twitter fountain – love that! She lets us know what she, Lindy Dreyer and the rest of the Socialfish gang will be up to during the meeting – a full schedule of many events that I’ll be attending as well. Check it out for ideas.

Bruce Hammond tells us the Three Things (He’s) Looking Forward to at the ASAE Annual Meeting – collaboration, community and content. I love that he talks about community – this is a meeting to strengthen bonds with friends you know and to meet others who will go from being strangers to acquaintances to friends. Long live the Twitter hug!

ASAE’s Acronym blog is publishing a series of posts from members that focus on “3 Things” about the conference. Here’s one published today by Marc Mestdagh from Belgium, land of amazing beer and art nouveau!

Elizabeth Engel has written several quick reads about the meeting that you can reference by clicking on her tag “ASAE Annual Meeting.” I also love the fact that she throws around the term “geek” so readily. Hello, my name is Deirdre and I’m an association and social media geek. No intervention required.

Jeff De Cagna tells us about his sessions at the meeting, always good brain food, including a special informal salon about business model innovation scheduled for Tuesday.

Teri Carden shares her excitement about her first ASAE Annual. I can vouch that the excitement continues to increase even when it’s your second time. One of the things she looks forward to is meeting Twitter colleagues. Me too, Teri!

Kiki L’Italien remembers her experiences as a first-time attendee and council member (what an entrance!) and encourages us to follow her lead and get involved as an ASAE volunteer. Great idea! She’ll also be doing a live SweetSpot broadcast from #asae10 on Monday at 12:30 (Pacific time) in the Engagement Lounge.

Mark Bledsoe tells us why he loves fully immersing himself into the association geekfest of #asae10, particularly since he really missed going last year. We all want the professional development, but it’s the people and relationships that keep us coming back.

I’m sure there will be many, like me, who will continue to write this week about their preparations and thoughts for the conference. If you’re one of them, please share a brief blurb and link to your post in the Comments. Thanks!



Of course there will be updates! Eventually I’ll stop but here are some additional posts from bloggers attending #asae10 that were published after I wrote this.

Mickie Rops shares some of what she’ll be doing. If you want to learn more about credentialing and certification, she is the one to follow.

Jamie Notter will be “pushing the envelope” at #asae10, what we gratefully expect from him.

Shannon Otto of MemberClicks shares what they will be up to during the show when they’re not in Booth 332.

Maggie McGary, although not attending #asae10 (unfortunately!), shows how social media makes a positive impact on association membership and community.


Update: Part 2 – Getting Ready for #ASAE10: the Do and Bring List

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