Blogging has been on my mind a lot lately. I’m working on a post about blogger’s block and how to break through it, and plan to write more about blogging and content marketing in the future, particularly from a small staff perspective.

But mostly, blogging has been on my mind because I recently realized I really like doing it. I love writing for this blog, my personal blog Grabbing the Gusto, and SmartBlog Insights, an association and non-profit industry blog. Writing makes me happy. I could spend, and have spent, all day doing it, and that’s a good day by me.

I started blogging after getting to know some association bloggers on Twitter. One day in the spring of 2009, someone started a meme about volunteering and I decided to take the plunge. The reception from the blogger community was welcoming and generous. That sense of community has been the best reward.

Blogging also gives me the opportunity to share what I know and love. That’s why I’ve been focusing lately on social media basics. I’ve always enjoyed teaching and training others; this is yet another platform. Of course, there is the recognition. Who wouldn’t love that? Especially when recognition often leads to clients and contracts…

…or, free full conference registration and Southwest airfare when you win Dads Talking Blog World Expo Giveaway. So that’s where I’m going with this! Yes, the Blog World & New Media Expo is happening in a few weeks in Las Vegas. I’ve already spent my professional development budget, yet with my developing focus on blogging and writing, this is the ONE conference I would love to attend. Perhaps, with the help of Southwest, Blog World Expo and you, I’ll win the Dads Talking contest.

me and dad (and mum and bro) many years ago

You’re thinking, um, hello, you’re not a dad. Yes, know that, but I’ve searched on Topsy and I don’t see any other entries. Thanks, Maggie, for the heads up on that. My boyfriend’s a dad; he thinks I should win, so I’ve got the dad seal of approval. No children will miss me when I’m gone. Okay, maybe a dog and a cat, but they’re rooting for me too.

Several friends from the association community are going to #bwe10, including Maggie McGary, Sandra Giarde, Kiki L’Italien and Jeff Hurt. I’m sure other friends and acquaintances from the social media community will be there too. The brain buzz and friend potential from a conference like this is beyond compare. Imagine, a conference full of blogging and social media geeks! That’s my Vegas.

And the speakers! Scott Stratten (aka @unmarketing) is a keynote, along with one of my long-time copywriting heroes, Sonia Simone, plus Problogger Darren Rowse and Copyblogger Brian Clark. I can hardly look at the session schedule. I’ve taken a few peeks but it seems too cruel to really look if I don’t end up going.

I’m hungry for blogging knowledge, eager to meet more Twitter friends, excited to see my IRL friends and thirsty for beer. Beer and conversation  about kick-ass keynotes and sessions, the state of the blogosphere and our dads.

How can you help me? It will be easy, I promise. Just tweet this (with the hashtag) a few times a day or as much as your twitter stream can bear:

I’d love @deirdrereid to win Dads Talking Blog World Expo Giveaway. Thanks @SouthwestAir & @BlogWorld. Pls RT. #bwe10

If you don’t tweet, please leave a comment of best wishes for me, I’d appreciate that too. Thanks in advance for any comments or tweets you, your followers, friends and dads can send out on my behalf. The contest ends Thursday, September 30th at Midnight PST. Thanks to Southwest and Blog World for making this even possible.

Blog World is the premier conference for bloggers and social media, with your help, I can get there. Thanks.

me and dad a few years ago