This is the 100th blog post on Reid All About It. Woo hoo! In honor of this milestone, I’m revisiting my five most popular posts, and wondering why.

5. The Natives Are Restless – How Do You Respond

I wrote this post not long after I started blogging. I suppose it was my debut, for better or worse, in the association blogosphere. The post resonated with other association bloggers, “the natives,” who, like me, were disappointed in ASAE’s Power of A campaign. Many of us saw it as a lost opportunity and waste of money.

But what was more interesting to me was the online reaction to the campaign — negative tweets displayed on the Power of A website and ranting posts. This over-the-weekend negative outburst, or worse, could happen to any association. How will ASAE handle it? How would my association handle it? Poor ASAE, they’re often our experimental lab without asking to be. They are the association for associations, so I wish they would be more transparent about how they handle issues like this so we could all learn together.

4. The New Volunteer Manifesto

While preparing for a presentation last year, I had volunteering much on my mind. This post and the subsequent six-part series on SmartBlog Insights hit a chord with the association crowd. Although it focused on how to make the volunteer experience more enticing and meaningful for volunteers, it really was about kicking associations into the 21st century, making them more social, diverse, innovative and appealing.

3. New Members and Twitter Rookies – Why Do They Leave Us

Don’t you love those moments when you look at two separate issues and, boing, you find all kinds of parallels? The typical new member orientation wasn’t working for me. I didn’t think it helped new members learn what they really needed to know. “But we’ve always done it that way.” I’ve sat through the presentations explaining benefits and committee opportunities, yawn. That’s problem #1.

Problem #2? How many times have you mentioned Twitter to someone and they dismiss it with a sneering, “I just don’t get Twitter.” Like it’s the biggest waste of their time to talk any further about it. It’s really the same problem. We’re not teaching people how to take advantage of the tools right in front of them. Read the post and find out what you need to know to solve these two problems.

2. Twitter’s First Association Chat

Ah, the infamous #assnchat — the serious chat with the silly name. Our beloved Twitter chat started last spring when there weren’t nearly as many chats as now. Every now and then I get all excited during a Twitter chat and volunteer to write a summary like this one. Sad to say, reading this post from May 2009 I realize we are still wrestling with the issues we discussed that day. #assnchat, hosted by Kiki L’Italien, is still going strong every Tuesday at 2 p.m. Eastern. Read up on how to participate, it’s easy, and join us.

And the number one post of all time on Reid All About It is……

Trade Show Swag: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

It’s strange that this is number one because I don’t normally write about trade shows and conferences, there are many expert bloggers who cover those topics. But last year during an #assnchat, lots of good ideas were flying by and, yes, I volunteered to write a summary so we could capture them all in one place. Then I decided to poll some of my Twitter followers and Facebook friends to find out about their favorite (and least favorite) trade show swag, and added that to my recap. It turned into my longest and most popular Reid All About It post ever.

So what do all these posts have in common? They continue to be hot topics in the association, social media and event planning communities. Some provide answers to problems. They were retweeted heavily by folks both inside and outside my network. Some, like the swag post, continue to get a lot of search hits because they’re loaded with keywords and content that answer a common question — what kind of swag should we get for our trade show exhibit booth?

Any blogger will tell you this. The throw-away post, done on a whim, turns out to be the most popular one ever.  The labor of love post that gets us all excited and proud, well, your mom liked it.

Thanks to all of you for hanging out with me here. I know you’re out there, I see the numbers and really appreciate your attention. Thanks especially to those of you who comment, retweet, like and share. That engagement and sharing of the spotlight means a lot to me. And a special thanks to those of you who encouraged me to blog in the first place and welcomed me to the fabulous association and social media blogger community. I’d hug you if you were here. Here’s to the next 100 — cheers! (clink)

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