How many unread blog posts pile up during the week in your Google Reader? I can start with zero unread posts on Sunday and by Monday night there are a few hundred unread posts in there. I even schedule time each day to read my subscriptions but it’s never enough time to read everything I’d like.

However, on the weekends, if I’m hanging at home, I luxuriate in reading. I skim through my unread posts, reading what piques my interest and marking as ‘read’ anything that doesn’t.

This past weekend I noticed something. During the weekend, the time when I’m doing most of my reading, most organizations aren’t posting. If an organization published an update or a link to their Facebook page during the week, there’s a good chance I didn’t see it. It probably got lost amidst all the updates from my friends who are also very active during the week. But if you scheduled something in advance to be pushed out over the weekend, guess what? I’ll actually see it and read it.

It’s the same with blog posts. If I have some time on a Saturday morning to read, I can often get down to ‘zero unread’ in my Google Reader. If a new blog post arrives over the weekend, it doesn’t share my Reader with hundreds, maybe thousands, of other unread posts.

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If the idea of creating additional content for the weekend freaks you out a bit, you could publish curated content, many do. How about ‘recommended reads’ or a ‘week in review’ of blog posts? As a reader, I love these posts. I find out from a trusted source if I missed something good, and sometimes I’m exposed to a blog or a topic I might not have normally read. Here are some recent curated posts that I enjoyed:

I publish here on Reid All About It on Tuesdays and Thursdays and on Grabbing the Gusto on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. But I’ve been toying with the idea of a Saturday post for Reid to even things out. I’m curious:

  • Do you read blog posts on the weekends, or am I odd?
  • Do you or your organization publish blog posts or Facebook updates on weekends?