In the spirit of practicing what I preach, I’m publishing a post today. I normally don’t publish on Saturdays. Saturdays are usually devoted to fun and, if I make time, reading. Reading during the week is purposeful; my goal is to keep up and ahead. But during the weekend, it’s more relaxed, for pleasure and intellectual stimulation.

This week I wrote about my wish for more fresh content on weekends. The post was inspired by the realization I had last weekend that my Facebook newsfeed was devoid of updates from organizations I follow. And my Google Reader, once I emptied it, wasn’t being populated by new posts to read. On the weekends I’m reading but not too many are publishing.

I learned through comments and tweets that most people aren’t reading or visiting blogs on the weekends. There are some of us, but we seem to be the exception. My blog traffic is quieter on the weekends so that proves that point.

But for those oddballs like me out there, here’s a quick peek at some of my recent guest posts on other blogs.

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