I’ve been busy writing for other people and haven’t blogged much for myself, except for my Grabbing the Gusto blog, I’ve posted a few new recipes there. Here is a sample of some of my recent writing – blog posts for Avectra and SmartBlog Insights.

The Latest Buzz on Member Surveys

Several nuggets of survey wisdom have recently floated through the online association community on ASAE’s Executive Management listserv and in tweets from the California SAE, Digital Now 2011 and ASAE Marketing, Membership & Communications conferences.

Associations want accurate understanding and actionable data about their members. But staff, usually lacking survey expertise, is expected to design (or recycle) and implement a one-size-(doesn’t)-fit-all survey. Response is poor. Results are shared with the board and never spoken of again. Read more at Avectra…

We’re on Twitter. Now What?

You’ve answered the question, “To tweet or not to tweet?” with an emphatic “Yes!” because you’ve determined that tweeting will help your association achieve its objectives. Now what?

First, find out which members use Twitter and follow them. Add their Twitter username to your AMS. You do have a field for that, right?  Read more at Avectra…

Give Membership the Flash Mob Treatment

If Mitchell of ABC’s Modern Family dances in a flash mob, the trend must have already run its course, right? Not at all! I still get misty-eyed when I see a flash mob sing the Hallelujah Chorus in a mall food court. Why are flash mobs so powerful?  Read more at SmartBlog Insights…

Association Blogs: Don’t Let the Haters Get You Down

When I talk to association audiences about blogging, inevitably, a hand goes up: “But what if someone posts a negative comment?” The fear of negative comments prevents many associations from blogging or participating in other social media platforms, even though the benefits of participation far outweigh the risks.  Read more at Avectra…

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