Today is my birthday. Permit me a little self-indulgence here. I’m taking a few days off to reflect, relax and celebrate because it’s a BIG birthday. I’m not unplugging completely, oh no. Twitter and Facebook are fun intellectual and conversational playgrounds for me so I’ll hang out there, maybe more than I usually do. I’ll read, cook, eat, drink, do a little yoga, celebrate with friends and prepare for hurricane Irene’s visit.

And I’ll think about the past, present and future. I usually try to live in the moment but it’s impossible for me to not plan and imagine and wonder. Agatha Christie said, upon reaching my age, “suddenly you find….that a whole new life has opened before you.” She’s right, and it’s very exciting.

I’m sorry if this next sentiment seems cliché to you, but it’s from my heart: I feel more alive, stimulated, brave, grateful, inspired, wise and powerful than I have ever felt in my life. Maybe that’s age, maybe that’s my particular life experience. I hope when you get here, you feel the same way.

Yesterday a friend (thank you, Jeffrey) shared a link on Twitter to a video that made my day, Wisdom. It’s a trailer for a book now residing on my wish list. I came here to my blog today only because I want to share this video with you.

Now I’m off to be queen for the day, or the long weekend if I can get away with it. Enjoy Wisdom. Share Wisdom.

raleigh freelance writer