I fell into the association world. During the first interview my future boss and I hit it off talking about food and travel. The position sounded interesting so I bit.

I’m not the only one. I bet many of you accidentally landed in associations. After that first job, we were hooked. We were promoted or moved to another association. We learned that despite some similarities, each association is unique.

Even if you’re an association veteran, you still need to get oriented to your new one. Orientation shouldn’t only entail filling out forms and signing the employee handbook. It should help you understand your new organization, members and responsibilities.

What should associations teach new staff? I have a few ideas of my own, but I also reached out to the Twitter community to see what they thought.

A day in the life of your member

When I worked at NAHB, I attended a two-day class for local and state association CEOs. We learned about the entire home building process from land purchase to home closing. At the end of the two days, I finally had some understanding of what our members really did for a living.

Please read more about new employee onboarding (and the rest of this post) at the Avectra blog.

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