Reads of the Week: December 7, 2012

I didn’t go to ASAE’s Technology Conference this week because I was too busy and too cheap, but I almost felt like I was there – minus the hugs, good conversation and drinks. You know why – Twitter, baby. Following the hashtag (#tech12), I got the highlights from the two keynote sessions with Brian Solis and Dion Hinchcliffe, the town hall with Reggie Henry, and several sessions featuring association technology experts and smarty pants. It’s not exactly like being there but it’s good stuff. Thanks to all the attendees who shared their notes on Twitter.

Ok, everyone, I’m asking you to hold me accountable so that I follow the practice I preach. This week on the Avectra blog I wrote about making time at the end of the year for Me Time – strategic reflection, planning, and reading for professional/personal development. Somehow between celebrating the holidays both here and in Massachusetts, I intend to find time to do all those things on my to-do list that I have pushed off week after week, month after month. It will mean saying “no” when I don’t want to (sorry, clients!), but this is critical work – an investment in my career and expertise. Are you with me?

Maybe during Me Time, I should start a daily habit of using Google+. I’m on there but completely inactive. But, according to this presentation by Gideon Rosenblatt that Maddie Grant shares on her blog and at #tech12, Google+ is the place for me because I’m not only a content creator, I’m a content curator, here and on Twitter. Maddie also shares a bunch of other great resources about Google+. Ok, Maddie, ok, I’m on it.

Here’s a post by Krista Kortrla about crazy companies. “These crazy companies actually involve every single person in their business to create content.” Oh to be crazy. She discusses the many ways that content marketing transforms a company and its culture.  

Looking for blog ideas that will grab the attention of your audience? Even if you don’t have a “local” audience, try tweaking these to fit your audience’s interests – the emotional hooks should still work. NPR Digital Services’ Eric Athas and Teresa Gorman wanted to find out why some local stories received more “likes” and comments, and were shared more than others. In this Nieman Journalism Lab article, they present their findings – “data-backed trends we discovered in an analysis of content geotargeted to four cities…over a span of three months” – and share the nine types of local stories that cause engagement.

At one of my association’s affiliate services roundtable, a lot of questions were raised about SEO, so I invited a fellow member to come in and talk to us about the basics. This post by Diane Huff, Trusted SEO Resources for Small Businesses, would have been handy as well.

Many of us will resolve to develop new habits in 2013. Isn’t it interesting how humans are always striving to improve ourselves? I don’t see my dog doing that. Here are six simple rituals to help you reach your potential every day from Amber Rae at Fast Company. I do #1-4 already but have never made #5 and #6 intentional habits. I think about them sometimes, but not daily. So many habits to develop!

That’s it for now, Happy Friday!

Downward facing dog, heh, a nap sounds better.
Downward facing dog, heh, a nap sounds better.

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