Association Brain Food: 8.19.22

The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community…

pretty nature scene – inspiration for my weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association communityBecause I’m away next week at the ASAE Annual Meeting and elsewhere, I’m not publishing Association Brain Food on Friday, August 26. This edition includes all the free events I could find for the next two weeks. I’ll be back with more on Friday, September 2.

Webinars. After a few years of virtual-everything, our tolerance for the traditional webinar format is withering away. WBT Systems offers suggestions for producing webinars that provide a learning experience worth your attendees’ time and attention.

Grassroots advocacy. Quorum lays out the steps to building a grassroots advocacy program from scratch. They describe the planning and buy-in you need to get started and what you should think about and do before your first campaign.

AMS implementation workload. No one tells you about all the work your team has to take on when implementing a new AMS—which is why this new guide from Ellipsis Partners is a godsend. They describe nine responsibilities you should be aware of and prepare for. It’s much better to get this news well before your project begins so you can figure out how to juggle these tasks with your regular workload.

Hybrid work myths. Achurch Consulting keeps hearing people spouting these three myths or assumptions about hybrid work. Make sure you (and your association’s leadership) aren’t falling for any of them.

AMS selection. You know how I can’t resist a good AMS read. Here’s another from .orgCommunity and Impexium. They explain how the AMS has evolved from the monster jack-of-all-trades to a simpler, more flexible breed of AMS that plays well with all the other software in your tech stack. If a new AMS is in your future, read about the factors you should consider when comparing software—and then the Ellipsis guide will help you prepare for implementation.

Recruiting young members. The latest MGI report disclosed how poorly associations are doing with young member recruitment. Hum explains why young professionals are just not into your association.

Quick hits

What is quiet quitting and why is Gen Z doing it? (Cloey Callahan, Worklife News)

Why the cost of a restaurant meal has soared—you really should read this if you ever dine out. (New York Times, no paywall)

Watch my future dinner float by on the Frying Pan Tower underwater cam.

Good eats

Skip down to the list of free educational events if you prefer takeout.

We loved this cumin-roasted yellowfin tuna with cilantro sauce. The original recipe called for salmon, but my fish store doesn’t sell it because salmon doesn’t live in NC waters. I omitted the oil, making it a dry rub, and used lime juice instead of vinegar. Excellent and easy.

On the side, leftover southwest succotash—you can see the ingredients in last week’s post.

 I’m down to about half a bottle of ouzo thanks to substituting it for white wine in Mediterranean recipes. This time, I winged it with amberjack fillets, adding onion, fennel, garlic, tomatoes, Kalamata olives, capers, bay leaves, lemon juice, ouzo and fresh oregano. Delicious. On the side, roasted broccoli with red onion and garlic powder.

With leftover buttermilk in the frig, I found an old favorite: southwest buttermilk baked chicken thighs, another easy one. I adapted the original recipe by adjusting the spice amounts, using garlic powder and kosher salt instead of garlic salt, adding dried oregano and sprinkling the dish with fresh cilantro after it comes out of the oven.

On the side, veggie pesto (freshly made pesto from a basil harvest) with zucchini, onion, mushrooms, poblano, red bell, jalapeño and parmesan.

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Since I’m away next week, here are the educational events scheduled for next two weeks. If you have a free webinar or event coming up, please send me the link by Wednesday afternoon the week before it’s scheduled. I’ll be happy to feature it as long as it’s not too product centric.

Fri 8/19 at 11 a.m.* – Food and Beverage in the Near Future and Beyond

As many planners and suppliers know, food and beverage can make or break the attendee experience. During this webinar we’ll explore tactical and practical applications for how food and beverage will evolve in the near future and beyond. We’ll address both the real costs and the impact on experiences for participants. More info/register.

Host: SITE


  • Anne Marie Rogers, Director, Direct Travel Meetings and Events
  • Natalie Fulton, Trade Manager, Tourism New Zealand
  • Tracy Stuckrath, Founder & Chief Connecting Officer, thrive! meetings & events
  • Chef Andrew Roenbeck, Director of Culinary Operations, The Boca Raton

*All events are online at Eastern Daylight Time unless otherwise noted.

Fri 8/19 at 12 p.m. – EventTech Chat

A weekly conversation about meeting and event technology, including software, hardware, and audiovisual for in-person and online events. More info/register.

Host: Brandt Krueger, founder Event Technology Consulting

Fri 8/19 at 4 p.m. – So You Made a Connection. Now What?

We hear a lot about networking, but not about valuable relationships. Hear how to view the practice of networking in a different light, expand your frame of reference about what a network can be, and develop ideas for the ‘now what’ phase so a connection can be more effective and mutually beneficial. More info/register.

Host: Fridays@4

Presenter: Laurie Cooke, CAE, CEO emerita of the Healthcare Businesswomen Association

Mon 8/22 at 1 p.m. – 30-Minute Monday | Reconnect to Your Burnout Recovery

Did you start this year with the resolution to have healthy boundaries and practices for self-care, and were motivated but now feel the fatigue and the burnout? Maybe you’ve been feeling that for more than a while now. We are more than halfway through the year, and we know burnout and work fatigue kicks into overdrive as the holidays approach. Let’s talk about tools, practices and more to prepare and conquer the burnout as we kick any current or future fatigue to the curb. 0.5 CMP credit. More info/register.

Host: MPI

Presenter: Kate Steiner

Mon 8/22 at 1 p.m. – CAE Motivations (Nonprofit Conversations with Cecilia Sepp, CAE)

This series of 15- to 20-minute videos covers hot topics and issues related to 501c organization management. New episodes are posted around 1 p.m. every Monday. Check out Cecilia’s Nonprofit Executive Spotlight series too.

Guest: Amy Farmer, PhD

Host: Cecilia Sepp, CAE, CNAP, principal and founder, Rogue Tulips LLC

Tue 8/23 at 12 p.m. – Meetings Outlook

Given the reality of the current pandemic, meeting professionals are finding it nearly impossible to make decisions related to the business of events. Much is uncertain, but current projections can help. Deep dive into MPI’s most recent Meetings Outlook research, published quarterly in The Meeting Professional magazine, and then discuss the trends that are most affecting you and your peers. 1 CMP credit. More info/register.

Host: MPI

Tue 8/23 at 12 p.m. – Game-Changing Email Strategies to Dominate the Inbox in Q4

As sending volumes skyrocket and inboxes grow more crowded, only the best emails will win subscribers’ attention. Plus, a shaky economy makes subscribers even less inclined to click and buy. Learn email automation strategies to eliminate time-consuming workflows so you can focus on what matters, tips to collect consumer data now to fuel personalized campaigns that pack a punch, how to warm up your lists and IP addresses before ramping up your sending volume in Q4, and tips to catch reputation and deliverability issues now, before they jeopardize your results. More info/register.

Host: Validity

Presenters: Maggie Bean, Product Marketing Manager, and Laura Christensen, Director of Professional Services, Validity

Wed 8/24 at 1 p.m. – Busting The Myths About Hybrid Work

Explore the myths about remote/hybrid work and dive into the data and stats that debunk what many of us used to think was fact, including: organizational culture—can it exist without a physical gathering space; brainstorming—can it be meaningful and effective without being face-to-face; and flexibility—does giving staff the chance to work from home 2-3 days a week really provide the flexibility they want. 1 CAE credit. More info/register.

Host: Achurch Consulting

Wed 8/24 at 1 p.m. – Contracting for the Recovery: Contract Negotiating Tips & Tricks For the Post-COVID Era

Learn about negotiating meeting contracts for the unpredictable future. Topics to be covered will include combatting hidden fees and “budget busters,” the best ways to negotiate important terms during this seller’s market, and how to address security concerns, ongoing health risks and rising costs. More info/register.

Host: Meetings Today

Presenter: Joshua Grimes, Esq., Grimes Law Offices, LLC

Thu 8/25 at 11:30 a.m. – Conference Sustainability: Should You Be Prioritising It in 2022?

Environmental scientists have long deplored the paradox of needing to fly to scholarly conferences around the world. But a recent global survey of association executives suggests that environmental sustainability has slipped down their list of strategic priorities for meetings right now. Are you part of the growing cohort of conference organisers who are struggling with the rising costs of conferences to find the right recipe for sustainability? Join our panel of industry experts as we take an all-encompassing look at conference sustainability and find the answers you need to build a more sustainable conference strategy. More info/register.

Host: ExOrdo

Thu 8/25 at 12 p.m. – Technology Challenge Virtual Series

Challenge: Event organizers have more data than ever, but it can be overwhelming.  How can you make sense out of the data collected and use advanced tools like artificial intelligence and machine learning to make Amazon-like recommendations to your audience based on their behavior and interests? Learn how to better leverage data and AI to improve participant engagement and satisfaction, enhance exhibitor interactions with attendees and ROI, and increase participation at future events. 1 CEM credit. More info/register.

Host: DC chapter/International Association of Exhibitions and Events

Thu 8/25 at 1 p.m. – Display Advertising: Under the Hood of “Programmatic”

Programmatic advertising is the automated process of buying digital ad space. Unlike traditional ad sales where advertisers negotiate directly with sellers, programmatic ad buys use algorithms, not humans, to make decisions and fill inventory. Learn about the technology powering this channel, different ways to target ads to users, and use cases from successful campaigns. More info/register.

Host: Feathr

Presenter: Aidan Augustin, co-founder and president of Feathr

Fri 8/26 at 12 p.m. – EventTech Chat

A weekly conversation about meeting and event technology, including software, hardware, and audiovisual for in-person and online events. More info/register.

Host: Brandt Krueger, founder Event Technology Consulting

Fri 8/26 at 4 p.m. – Building Your Personal Board of Directors

Sometimes it’s not what you do, it’s who you know. Hear how our presenter built her own personal board of directors and lessons learned. Learn about the benefits of having a personal board of directors, who to add to your board, how to get them on your board, and how to maximize these relationships. More info/register.

Host: Fridays@4

Presenter: Lauren Collins, Director of Membership and Marketing, National District Attorneys Association

Mon 8/29 at 1 p.m. – 30-Minute Monday | #RealTalk Unplugged Let’s Talk WEC: Creating Access to Wellness

Hear from the magic makers of MPI’s 50th anniversary celebration WEC SF in this follow up from the August session celebrating the 30 year anniversary of the ADA act being signed. This year’s World Education Congress theme included wellness as a focus and foundation. We’ll look into the importance of wellness in the meeting and events industry and innovative ways to create access to wellness for attendees. 0.5 CMP credit. More info/register.

Host: MPI

Mon 8/29 at 1 p.m. – 501c4 & c3 Coordination (Nonprofit Conversations with Cecilia Sepp, CAE)

This series of 15- to 20-minute videos covers hot topics and issues related to 501c organization management. New episodes are posted around 1 p.m. every Monday. Check out Cecilia’s Nonprofit Executive Spotlight series too.

Guest: David Borden

Host: Cecilia Sepp, CAE, CNAP, principal and founder, Rogue Tulips LLC

Tue 8/30 at 11:30 a.m. – Accessibility Considerations for Event Planners

Learn about key considerations to produce accessible events that benefit not only individuals with disabilities, but also help to ensure that all participants are able to fully engage with your events and your organization as a whole. Find out why planning an accessible event takes time and is not a zero-cost effort, what to consider for venue and event accessibility, and hear a personal perspective from a low-vision attendee at an assistive technology conference. 1 CMP credit. More info/register.

Host: PCMA

Presenter: Rocío Alvarado (IAAP WAS), Senior Digital Accessibility Specialist, Diamond

Tue 8/30 at 12 p.m. – Events Take Grit: How One Team Is Changing an Industry Narrative

In the world of AV and event production, rarely do we see a majority female workforce, especially in leadership representation. According to the Audio Engineering Society, women make up just 5% to 7% of audio engineers and event producers. Grit Productions & Expositions, however, have managed to create a highly successful business model with a ceiling-shattering approach to ensuring women are at the forefront of their brand and team. Learn how to build, maintain, and evolve a successful career in event production, and how Grit is purposefully changing the face of the production industry, one event at a time. 1 CMP credit. More info/register.

Host: MPI

Presenters: Charlotte Miles VP, Productions, Delaney Owen, Account Manager, and Leigh Massey, VP of Sales & Marketing, Grit Productions & Expositions

Tue 8/30 at 12:30 p.m. – The Intersection of Employee Leave, Wage Replacement Benefits, and Healthcare Coverage: A Primer on the Coordination of Benefits for Nonprofits

Hear about key considerations nonprofits should take into account when coordinating benefits for employees with medical issues, who need to care for a sick family member, or who need time to bond with a new child. These tasks have become even more complex during the pandemic because many nonprofits have changed from an in-person to a remote work model, thereby increasing the number of applicable jurisdictions. This presentation will address federal, state, and local paid and unpaid leave laws, wage replacement benefits (including short-term and long-term disability and workers’ compensation), and healthcare coverage. More info/register.

Host: Venable LLP

Presenters: Juliana Reno, Partner, Employee Benefits, and Jennifer Prozinski, Partner, Labor and Employment, Venable LLP

Tue 8/30 at 2 p.m. – The Convergence of Member Benefits and Non-Dues Revenue for Overall Growth and Retention

Learn how the convergence of member benefits and non-dues revenue is directly tied to the value of engaging and interacting with these current, past, and future members. Find out how this extends beyond the obvious elements like education, content, and meetings that would help someone be a member or stay a member and dives into the complex world of member benefits and non-dues revenue that help drive most membership organizations. 1 CAE credit. More info/register.

Host: Teri Carden, founder, Non-Dues-a-Palooza

Presenter: Tim McNichols, Executive Director, Partnerships, LIG Solutions

Tue 8/30 at 2 p.m. – My Why: Stories and Lessons Learned from the Women in Technology at Higher Logic

No career path is the same. For the Women in Technology at Higher Logic, their paths have included successes and failures that have provided them with invaluable stories worth sharing. Hear about the path that led them to Higher Logic, how they are continuing to grow their careers while staying in the industry they love and the lessons they have learned along the way. More info/register.

Host: Higher Logic

Presenters: Beth Arritt, Maral Balayan, Kristin Bednarek and Cate Sauer

Tue 8/30 at 3 p.m. – Ask Me Anything: Your Questions on Membership Growth Answered

Ask about strategic goals and how to reach them, association website vs membership site, member engagement and how to increase your membership, tools and technology for your association, membership site design and the ideal user experience, and best practices for your association. More info/register.

Host: Grype

Presenter: Farhad Khan, Membership Site Expert & CEO of Grype Digital

Wed 8/31 at 11 a.m. – 15 Ways to Optimize Your Newsletter

Learn about a variety of strategic opportunities to utilize AI, strategic creativity, content curation, artificial intelligence, and data-driven insights for a newsletter with high engagement, performance and relevancy for your members. 1 CAE credit. More info/register.

Host: ASAE

Presenter: Erica Salm Rench,

Wed 8/31 at 11:30 a.m. – Credential As You Go Initiative (CAYG)

CAYG is an initiative with 21 universities, and a recent $3M grant from the U.S. Department of Education, Institute for Educational Sciences, that envisions an incremental credentialing ecosystem in which all learners are recognized for what they know and can do as they acquire learning from multiple sources. Learn about this important initiative and how organizations can get involved to create pathways and greater access to their credentials. More info/register.

Host: Certification Network Group


  • Holly Zanville, Research Professor and Co-Director of the Program on Skills, Credentials & Workforce Policy at George Washington University
  • Nan Travers, Director of the Center for Leadership in Credentialing Learning at SUNY Empire State College
  • Bill West, senior market leader and 25+ year veteran of the assessment industry
  • Karen Elzey, Associate Executive Director at Workcred

Wed 8/31 at 1 p.m. – 7 Ways to Reach Your Niche with Content Marketing

From standing out from the crowd and strengthening brand loyalty, to better optimizing your marketing budget, there are many advantages to focusing your content marketing on a niche audience. Learn smart approaches to niche content marketing, including targeting keywords with low search volume, finding topics likely to resonate with your niche audience, and successful niche content marketing strategies. More info/register.

Host: American Marketing Association

Presenter: Lenox Powell, Content Director at Semrush

Wed 8/31 at 3 p.m. – User Experience + Brand: The New World

Many associations struggle with archaic brand architecture where every department ends up with its own “brand.” This confuses your members, which ultimately hurts conversions. Learn how user experience and brand come together as one and how that can help you differentiate. 1.5 CAE credits. More info/register.

Host: U.S. Transactions Corp.

Presenters: Jake Toohey, Senior Digital Consultant, and Joe Post, Vice President Strategy & Experience Design, Adage Technologies

Thu 9/1 at 1 p.m. – ASAE Annual in Review

After a two-year hiatus, this ASAE Annual will be one to remember. Join us for a webinar—fireside chat style. What’s hot in technology? What’s new from a tech perspective? How will it change the way associations conduct business? Which ideas were the greatest? Panelists will share the top 3 (and only 3) ideas or ah-ha moments gained at the conference. Which parties were the best? ASAE Annual is a “work hard, play hard” conference. We’ll cover the greatest venues, food, and dance scenes. More info/register.

Host: Impexium

Thu 9/1 at 1 p.m. – Event Summer Camp Series: Sponsorships & ROI

Sponsorships are one of the best ways to cover the cost of hosting an event and build long-lasting relationships with the brands your attendees know and respect, while delivering value to your partners. Hear about the types of event sponsorship, how to build a tiered sponsor package, and the essential components to include when creating an event sponsorship proposal. More info/register.

Host: Webex Events

Presenters: Lisa Vogel, Leader, Field & Event Marketing, and Yvonne deFuria, Event Production Manager, Webex Events

Fri 9/2 at 12 p.m. – EventTech Chat

A weekly conversation about meeting and event technology, including software, hardware, and audiovisual for in-person and online events. More info/register.

Host: Brandt Krueger, founder Event Technology Consulting

Tue 9/6 at 12 p.m. – Data Analytics Network: Middleware/iPaaS Use in Associations

1 CAE credit. More info/register.

Host: Association Analytics

Fri 9/9 at 12 p.m. – AWTC Mindful Networking

Held the second Friday of each month, these intimate, virtual conversations are a chance to form meaningful connections with other women and allies in the association technology community. Each Mindful Networking will feature one of our amazing AWTC award winners, followed by breakout rooms with changing topics (selected by our featured guest). More info/register.

Host: Association Women Technology Champions

Guest: Lisa Lockman, Assistant Director, Data Analysis and AMS Administration, Association for Psychological Science

Association Brain Food Weekly is published Friday mornings. If your organization offers free professional development for the association community, please send me the link via email or Twitter by Wednesday afternoon.

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Creative Commons licensed photo by Davide Castaldo via Unsplash

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