Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.19.19

Free professional development resources and events for CAEs, association staff and others in the association community

The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community…

Free professional development resources and events for CAEs, association staff and others in the association community

In an article titled, “Death by Association,” Mike Maddock shares an interesting perspective on associations and the inevitable governance issues that get in the way of needed change.

I had never heard of social shopping app Depop, but 90% of its users are under the age of 26, so no wonder. WBT Systems looked into Depop and came back with some insight that could help associations attract Gen Z members and learners.

Billhighway shares the stories of three associations that took a successful and innovative chapter program, put resources into it, scaled it up, and then gave it back to all their chapters—trickling up chapter innovation.

I have a soft spot for vendor members. My first job in membership was with associate member programs, plus they’re my clients now. So I love this post from MemberSuite about improving the membership experience for vendor members.

Some quick hits before we get to next week’s free webinars:

  • Speaking of vendors… How associations can transform sponsors into thought leaders. (J.P. Moery, The Moery Company)
  • Not surprising. Email is still the best way to reach customers, per McKinsey study. (Jason Aten, Inc.)
  • If you’re looking for a career change… Why aren’t there more women futurists? (Rose Eveleth, The Atlantic)
  • Recipes always call for salt and pepper but I don’t always listen. Salt, yes, always. But black pepper doesn’t belong in every dish. I was so happy to see Edward Schneider agree. (Heated)

Good eats:

  • Any excuse to make a pie! For my sister-out-law’s birthday, I made a tomato slab pie. I suppose it’s called a “slab” pie because it’s baked in a 10.5” x 15.5” jelly roll pan not a traditional pie dish. Another excellent recipe from The Harvest Baker by Ken Haedrich. I had to make some substitutions because of the mustard-phobes in the family. I used pesto instead of mustard and, therefore, Monterey Jack instead of cheddar.
  • Our temps have not budged from the mid- to high-90s since last week so instead of turning on the oven, I used a crockpot to make a maple-glazed pork loin from The Complete Slow Cooker by America’s Test Kitchen. Given the flavors, it’s probably a better choice for fall but we really enjoyed it, especially with toaster oven roasted potatoes soaking up the tasty sauce.

Here are the educational events scheduled for next week. If you have any free webinars or events coming up, please send me the link. I’ll be happy to feature it as long as it’s not product-centric.

And save the date for the special 10th birthday celebration of Association Chat on Tuesday, July 30—details below. Ah, I wish I could be there. I was a loyal #assnchat participant back in the day on Twitter. The hashtag lives on!

Mon 7/22 at 1 p.m.* – Chapter Relations (Chatting with Agnes & Cecilia)

Check out this new 15-minute web series covering hot topics and issues related to 501c organization management. Check for new episodes on Mondays around 1 p.m., or subscribe for updates. More info.

Host: Rogue Tulips LLC


  • Agnes Amos-Coleman, MBA, CMP, education, conference, event, certification consultant, Amos-Coleman
  • Cecilia Sepp, CAE, CNAP, principal and founder, Rogue Tulips LLC

*All times are Eastern Daylight Time unless otherwise noted.

Tue 7/23 at 1 p.m. – Fancy Yourself Sherlock Holmes? Detecting Fraud at Your Nonprofit

Fraud is always a threat to nonprofit organizations. Tight budgets and staff shortages often contribute to a lack of oversight and prevention measures. Learn about the impact of fraud on nonprofits, the profile of someone most likely to commit fraud, the most common types of fraud that occur, and how you can use accounting software to deter fraud. 1 CPE credit. More info/register.

Host: Community Brands


  • Brandy Keller, Director of Product Management and Product Marketing, Community Brands – MIP Fund Accounting
  • Scott Williams, Solutions Engineer, Community Brands – MIP Fund Accounting

Tue 7/23 at 2 p.m. – How to Build a Member Journey that Strengthens Retention

The direct connection between engagement and retention means that a customized member experience, with digital, personal touchpoints is no longer a nice-to-have: it’s a must. Hear how associations are getting ahead of retention challenges by driving engagement on an ongoing basis with online communities and marketing automation. Learn about scaling onboarding for a superior first-year member experience, using data to define what each member values most, and cross-functional, efficient renewal campaigns that drive results. More info/register.

Host: Higher Logic

Presenter: Steven Wittenberg, Solutions Manager, Higher Logic

Tue 7/23 at 2 p.m. – 4 Steps to Creating a Team to Deliver on Your Mission

With the right training and motivation, your entire team could be spreading the word about the benefits of membership, helping you attract more new and returning members and increase your impact. Learn how to ask the right colleagues (and others) for help; train your team to be confident, competent messengers; support your messengers with rewards for participation and success; and get ahead of the competition by putting your  team of effective messengers to work now. 1 CAE credit. More info/register.

Host: Wild Apricot

Presenter: Nancy Schwartz, nonprofit consultant, trainer, and coach

Tue 7/23 at 2 p.m. – Meeting Wi-Fi Networks: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going?

Wi-Fi has become as critical to the event experience as coffee breaks and breakout sessions. Learn about attendee behaviors that impact the larger experience of Wi-Fi network performance, event design components that require additional considerations when purchasing Wi-Fi, risks and perceptions around public Wi-Fi, and questions to ask when negotiating Wi-Fi and managing onsite. Find out how to think critically when ordering Wi-Fi. 1 CMP credit. More info/register.

Host: MeetingsNet

Presenter: Timothy LaFleur, CMP, Director, Event Technology, Information Services, Meetings & Incentives Worldwide

Wed 7/24 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. – 2019 PCMA EduCon Rebroadcast

A rebroadcast of select sessions and curated interviews with thought leaders from 2019 PCMA EduCon. More info/register.

Host: PCMA

Wed 7/24 at 12 p.m. – Volunteers & Industry Partners Behaving Badly: Strategies for Managing Relationships (Washington DC Idea Swap)

Learn how to clarify expectations and set the foundation for successful relationships with volunteer leaders and industry partners. The speakers will explore some sticky industry and volunteer scenarios, highlight key behaviors, and provide tips and strategies to strengthen your relationships with volunteer leaders and industry partners ultimately leading to a positive outcome for your association. 1 CAE credit. Location: Washington DC. More info/register.

Organizer: ASAE Greater Washington / National Capital Community


  • Carmen Elliott, MS, CAE, Vice President, Payment and Practice Management at American Physical Therapy Association
  • Marianne Haegeli, MA, Senior Director, Professional Learning Services, NAFSA: Association of International Educators.

Wed 7/24 at 2 p.m. – How to Take Your Association from $60k to $2M

Find out how Stan Orr’s AMC grew one client, the Association of Equipment Management, from $60K to $2M. Learn how you can leverage similar strategies to grow your association’s revenue. 1 CAE credit. More info/register.

Host: Civica Management

Presenter: Stan Orr, FASAE, CAE, President & CEO at NonProfit Resources, Inc.

Wed 7/24 at 2 p.m. – How to Plan and Integrate Virtual and Hybrid Meetings for Your Organization

Virtual and hybrid formats are becoming popular but to optimize the experience for your audience, you need to plan differently and use technologies designed to keep participants attentive and engaged. Learn how to build a case for virtual and hybrid meetings, determine the right format(s) for your meeting goals, duplicate the in-room engagement experience with captivating interactions, and measure success with quantifiable metrics. More info/register.

Host: Educational Measures

Thu 7/25 at 8:30 a.m. – Partnership Professionals Network Idea Exchange (Washington DC)

In the coming few months, associations might hear from their corporate sponsors/partners: “Your association isn’t in our budget for next year.” What to say? How to respond? Can the relationship be saved? Location: Washington DC. More info/register.

Facilitator: PPN convener Bruce Rosenthal, principal, Bruce Rosenthal Associates, LLC.

Thu 7/25 at 1 p.m. – LMS Selection Step-by-Step: How to Find the Ideal Extended Enterprise Solution

Learn how to develop a relevant business case and success metrics; methods for researching and defining use cases and requirements; when to issue an RFP (or not); tips for creating a viable LMS shortlist; and how to make the most of vendor demos and proof-of-concept. 1 CAE credit. More info/register.

Host: Talented Learning


  • John Leh, CEO and Lead Analyst at Talented Learning
  • Tamer Ali, SVP, Crowd Wisdom LMS at Community Brands

Thu 7/25 at 1 p.m. – Content Amplification Playbook: Harness Social Media to Boost Your Content Reach

Social media presents a valuable opportunity to amplify your content while attracting the right people to engage with that content. Learn an effective step-by-step process for amplifying content to the right audience, tips and tactics for using social media to promote content, and why content will get zero engagement without the right distribution strategy. More info/register.

Host: Influence & Co.


  • Brittni Kinney Ratliff, vice president at Influence & Co.
  • Daniel Ku, director of marketing at PostBeyond

Thu 7/25 at 2 p.m. – 10 Myths About Multigenerational Meetings

Join us as we bust the biggest myths about planning multigenerational meetings. From technology and marketing to content and its presentation, we’ll discuss what motivates each generation and how to capitalize on it at your event. Up to five individual generations are present at your meetings, and you’ll find they share more commonalities than differences. 1 CMP credit. More info/register.

Host: PCMA


  • Jeff Hurt, Chief Epiphany Officer, Empowered Epiphanies
  • Donna Sanford, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Ascend Media

Thu 7/25 at 2:30 p.m. – Event Technology Stacks (AWTC Meet-Up – Bethesda MD)

Events and meetings are central to associations, but often the technology supporting them is anything but centralized. Today, a successful event often requires a cornucopia of systems, from exhibit management systems to registration systems—the event technology stack. The quality of your event technology stack can dramatically affect your bottom line and attendee experience. Join an interactive, frank discussion with five leading experts in association events to learn how to build and perfect your event technology stack. Happy hour afterwards! More info/register.

Organizer: Association Women in Technology Champions (AWTC)


  • Lynn Thomson, Water Environment Federation
  • Tina Marmor, Fonteva
  • Michelle P. Wyatt, MBA, cadmiumCD
  • Susanne Connors Bowman, CAE, CoSN

Thu 7/25 at 3 p.m. – Small Staff Association Book Club

Join a discussion of the book Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth, and Happiness by Richard H. Thaler and Cass R. Sunstein. More info/register.

Organizer: ASAE Small Staff Association Professionals Community

Thu 7/25 at 7 p.m. – LEARN: A Content Strategy Maturity Model for Associations (and the Rest of Us) – Arlington VA

In 2017, ASAE commissioned the research study, Association Content Strategies for a Changing World with Carrie Hane, Dina Lewis, and Hilary Marsh as lead researchers. Carrie and Dina will share their findings with us, including the 17 tactics they defined to measure content strategy adoption and the content strategy maturity model that evolved from the study. Location: Arlington VA. More info/register.

Organizer: DC Content Strategy Meetup


  • Carrie Hane, founder of Tanzen
  • Dina Lewis, CAE, founder of Distilled Logic

Fri 7/26 at 12:30 p.m. – How to Engage When Legislators Are Out of Session

Paying attention to the legislative calendar is vital because you need to know when lawmakers are in session and, equally important, when they’re back in their districts with their constituents. During a recess, lawmakers are often holding meetings, town halls, and making various public appearances. The best advocacy programs are planning their campaigns around these out-of-session periods, as it becomes easier to garner attention and generate awareness about your organization or cause. Hear about tactics and best practices for effectively engaging legislators when they aren’t actively governing in-session. More info/register.

Host: Phone2Action


  • Bethany Dame, Senior Director, Political Engagement, Advocacy & Grassroots, American Property Casualty Insurance Association
  • Sara Lasure, Communications Director, U.S. Senate (office of Sen. John Boozman, R-AR)
  • Stephanie Shweiki, Director of Partnerships, The Hill
  • Martyn Griffen, Customer Success Manager, Phone2Action
  • Scott Morrison, Customer Success Manager, Phone2Action

Tue 7/30 at 3 p.m. – Rethinking Your Business Model with Digital Transformation (Washington DC and online)

Join us for a strategic conversation to bust the myths around digital transformation, discuss our readiness and the stumbling blocks, and figure out how we can get started on the journey – regardless of our association size or resources. This conversation would be ideal for small and large staff association C-suites involved in strategy, content, member services, learning, communications, and IT. Locations: Washington DC and online. More info/register.

Organizer: Meena Dayak, Associations Catalyzing Entrepreneurship (ACE)


  • Reggie Henry,Chief Information and Engagement Officer for ASAE.
  • Heather Diehl,Principal Enterprise Architect for the International Monetary Fund.
  • Duane Capuano,senior consultant with Tecker International and founder of Success Roads Consulting.

Tue 7/30 at 5 p.m. – Association Chat 10th Birthday Party (Arlington VA)

Come join Association Chat host KiKi L’Italien and friends to celebrate the spirit of Association Chat and its 10th year around the sun. Hear anecdotes from Jeff De Cagna about the very first #assnchat tweets and the hashtag’s legacy—and share your own stories. Pick up some of the best books written by authors in the community. Meet up with others in the association industry and enjoy some great food and beverages. Explore curiosity, creativity, community, new technologies, and marketing ideas for associations and talk with some really great people from the association community. Location: Arlington VA. More info/register.

Wed 7/31 at 2 p.m. – Life After Launch

Approach “life after launch” with the same thoughtfulness as your technology implementation process. Properly planning and managing expectations for “life after launch” pays huge dividends in gaining user adoption and lasting confidence for the new software. Learn about tactics for setting your organization’s expectations after launch, steps to take during the implementation to ensure long-term success, post-launch processes that are essential for long-term success, ideas to keep staff engaged, and tips to ensure the end-user experience (member, donor, certificate, etc.) isn’t overlooked. 1 CAE credit. More info/register.

Host: Altai Systems

Presenter: Rebecca Achurch, founder, Achurch Consulting

Thu 8/1 at 12 p.m. – 7 Tips for Creating the Perfect RFP

Putting together a request for proposal (RFP) is a critical step in selecting a new AMS vendor. It can also be one of the most challenging. There’s a lot to consider and it’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed by the process. Learn seven tips to help your association put together the perfect RFP. More info/register.

Hosts: Euclid Technology and ReviewMyAMS

That’s it for now. If you can’t attend a live webinar, go ahead and register if the topic interests you. Most webinar hosts send registrants a link to the recording.

Association Brain Food Weekly is published Friday mornings. If your organization offers free professional development for the association community, please send me the link via email or Twitter.


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