Association Brain Food Weekly: 4.30.21

spring daisies in a field - – inspiration for a weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community

The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community…

spring daisies in a field - – inspiration for a weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community

Association performance and priorities. McKinley Advisors describes how environmental factors have impacted the performance and priorities of associations in their survey report, Association Viewpoint: Renewal, Reinvention and Responsibility, conducted in February 2021.

Work shutdown rituals. Achurch Consulting explains why a shutdown ritual is mandatory for establishing healthy work/life boundaries, especially if you’re working from home. They provide the steps of a shutdown ritual in case you want to try it yourself. Why not start tonight? 

Shut up and listen. WBT Systems laments the lost art of listening. They remind us why listening (without interrupting) is so important to the person talking and describe different methods for listening to your members and others in your professional community.

Multi-system implementation. I’ve heard a few friends talk about implementing more than one system this summer. I think one had an AMS, CMS, and LMS project on the horizon. Yikes, I can’t even imagine. I’ll refer them to this post from MemberSuite which advises what you need to do before this monster project begins.

Quick hits

  • If you publish association benchmarking reports, take note of Wes’ observation about trade vs. individual membership associations, it makes a big difference. (Wes Trochlil)
  • Check this flowchart before you decide to put that content behind a paywall or lead magnet form. (Joe Chernov, HubSpot)

Good eats

Skip down to the list of free webinars if you prefer takeout. If you’re a home cook, check out the weekly In The Kitchen posts on my Grabbing the Gusto blog.

  • I’m enjoying leftovers from a chicken marsala and mushroom casserole I made Sunday. It’s another one of those recipes that’s evolved over the years. I’ll share it on Gusto this weekend. On the side, a kale and red cabbage sauté with red onion, orange bell pepper, green onions, habanero pepper, and dried cranberries. I also made a sheet pan of roasted cauliflower with garlic, red pepper flakes, lemon zest, fresh oregano, and parmesan.
  • We had one of our favorite fish, speckled trout, with a white wine, tomato, and basil pesto sauce. On the side, a mix of sautéed greens (chard, radish, arugula, and spinach) with orange bell pepper, red onion, jalapeno, and slow-roasted tomatoes.
  • The next night, we enjoyed sweet and spicy citrus striped bass with leftover greens and roasted sweet potatoes. “Spicy” is a misnomer. Next time, I’ll increase the heat.

Here are the educational events scheduled for next week. If you have a free webinar or event coming up, please send me the link before Wednesday evening the week before it’s scheduled. I’ll be happy to feature it as long as it’s not too product centric.

Fri 4/30 at 12 p.m.* – EventTech Chat

A weekly conversation about meeting and event technology, including software, hardware, and audiovisual for in-person and online events. More info/register.

Host: Brandt Krueger, founder Event Technology Consulting

*All times are Eastern Daylight Time unless otherwise noted.

Fri 4/30 at 2 p.m. – From Data to Foresight to Transformation: Harnessing Evidence for Strategic Planning and Envisioning Change

In this facilitated discussion, panelists will share success stories and lessons learned from their strategic planning processes, including how they’ve used diverse sources to understand current and future member needs, define organizational goals, and develop scenarios to level-up their strategic planning. They’ll also discuss how organizations might leverage research in a move toward transformative thinking, what association-driven transformative thinking might look like, and what it could mean for our community. More info/register.

Host: ASAE


  • Lowell Aplebaum, CPF, FASAE, CAE, Professional Facilitator CEO & Strategy Catalyst, Vista Cova, LLC
  • Lynette Bradley-Baker, D., CAE, R.Ph., Senior Vice President of Public Affairs and Engagement, American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
  • Wendy Mann, CAE, Chief Executive Officer, Commercial Real Estate Women Network
  • Monika Schulz, CAE, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, National Society of Professional Engineers
  • Oliver Yandle, JD, CAE, President & CEO, Arizona Society of CPAs

Fri 4/30 at 2 p.m. – Cracking the Code of Executive Presence: Speaking, Storytelling & Persuasion

Learn how to wrap your vision in a story that sparks the imagination and stirs the soul in order to get people to act, to buy, and to follow you. Learn the structure of a great story, get a template to use over and over for creating speeches, town halls, all-hands meetings, keynotes, state of the industry addresses, investor or client presentations and every other opportunity and situation where you need these skills. Learn how to put it all together virtually or live. More info/register.

Host: Bill Niemi, Chief Experience Officer (CEO), Niemi Executive Coaching

Presenter: Mikki Williams

Fri 4/30 at 3:45 p.m. – Learning to Swim with the Big Fish (Transitioning to Management)

Explore the skills and behaviors needed to be effective in a front-line leadership role and the changes that occur when making the transition from frontline worker to front-line leader. Learn about the transition from individual contributor to supervisor, essential communication skills, and leader behaviors that positively impact team performance. More info/register. (Must join Fridays@4 for free first.)

Host: Fridays@4

Presenter: Sheri Bender, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, founder, Pulse HR Consulting, LLC

Mon 5/3 at 1 p.m. – Integrated Strategies for Marketing New Products (Chatting with Agnes & Cecilia)

This series of 15- to 20-minute videos cover hot topics and issues related to 501c organization management. New episodes are posted by 1 p.m. every Monday. Check out Cecilia’s Nonprofit Executive Spotlight series too.


  • Cecilia Sepp, CAE, CNAP, principal and founder, Rogue Tulips LLC
  • Agnes Amos-Coleman, MBA, CMP, education, conference, event, certification consultant, Amos-Coleman

Tue 5/4 at 11 a.m. – PD Town Hall: Ready to Return to In-Person Meetings?

Many associations are analyzing what makes sense and how best to offer their content/meetings moving forward as so much is still up in the air. Join a timely and interactive discussion for considerations before making the decision to return to in-person meetings. Hear how to identify guidelines for returning to in-person meetings; steps required to check state and local regulations; evaluate whether your database is ready for “post” COVID; and connect your data-strategy and insights with overall experience. More info/register.

Host: ASAE Professional Development Professionals Community

Presenter: Gary Schirmacher, CMP | CEO | Total Hospitality Industry Solutions (THIS)

Tue 5/4 at 12 p.m. – Let’s Chat About Engagement Data (Data Analytics Network)

Join a fireside chat with the Data Analytics Network planning team all about engagement. The team will share their experiences, but we also want to hear from you. Come ready to share stories, ask questions and get real deep about how to use engagement data. 1 CAE credit. More info/register.

Host: Association Analytics

Tue 5/4 at 12 p.m. – Creating Memorable Events: Unleash your Audience’s Primal Brain (The Science of Meetings & Events Series)

Learn how memories are formed and reinforced – don’t let your event be forgotten by following a standard formula. Demand more from your speakers – insist on compelling presentation techniques that command attention. Deliberately use surprise and group participation to create powerful and irresistible experiences. 1 CMP credit. More info/register.

Host: MPI

Presenter: evolutionary psychology and marketing expert Tim Ash

Wed 5/5 at 10 a.m. – IMEX Association Focus

This event, exclusively for association professionals, will enable participants to discuss the challenges that lie ahead and plan for how associations can bring their communities back together and look towards a more positive future. 1.5 CAE credits. More info/register.

Host: The IMEX Group

Wed 5/5 at 11 a.m. – How to Ask the Right Questions to Improve Your Content and Drive Member Engagement

Find out how to make sure you’re asking your members all the right questions. Learn how to prepare for every member conversation, whether it’s online or IRL, the right questions to determine your members’ needs, and when it’s time to pick up the phone and call your members. 1 CAE credit. More info/register.

Host: Sidecar


  • Dave Will, CEO and Co-founder, PropFuel
  • Chelsea Brasted, General Manager for Sidecar

Wed 5/5 at 12 p.m. – Strengthening Component Relations: Building Culture from the Inside Out

Learn how the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents (PIA) strengthened component relations, improved culture, and built a stronger brand. Hear about the effect a disjointed relationship with PIA’s state components had on culture, productivity, and results. Learn what they implemented to address those challenges, provide a voice for PIA components, and drive mutual success. 1 CAE credit. More info/register.

Host: Association Insights in Old Town aka Monthly Events in Cyberspace

Presenter: Mike Becker, CEO, National Association of Professional Insurance Agents

Wed 5/5 at 12 p.m. – Let’s Talk Research: From Data to Foresight to Transformation

Join other association professionals to discuss topics harnessing and applying data to advance your work. These gatherings are a perfect opportunity to connect with other association professionals, pose lingering questions, and continue the conversation from last Friday’s virtual panel discussion: Harnessing Evidence for Strategic Planning and Envisioning Change. More info/register.

Host: ASAE Foundation


  • Bruce Arbit, Founder & CEO, Melarbit Impact Partners, Inc.
  • Wendy Mann, CAE, CEO, Commercial Real Estate Women Network

Wed 5/5 at 1 p.m. – #ExpoChat on Twitter

ExpoChat is a Twitter-based conversation on topics related to the trade show industry. More info.

Wed 5/5 at 2 p.m. – Are Covid Passports Next for Meetings?

For the travel industry to safely recover, digital Covid passports that store test results and/or vaccination status will be required. Such technology is also key to restoring confidence in meetings and events. Jones, who is working with governments and travel leaders to establish digital Covid records, will discuss this process and its implications for the meetings and events industry. 1 CMP credit. More info/register.

Host: Northstar Meetings Group


  • Terrell Jones, Managing Principal of ON Inc. and founder of Travelocity, Kayak and several other travel startups
  • Loren Edelstein, Vice President, Content Director, Northstar Meetings Group

Wed 5/5 at 3 p.m. – Analytics in Action: How to Determine Member Retention Using Trends

Learn how to determine retention rate using historical renewal data, understand retention in member segments based on demographics, characteristics and behaviors, predict future retention by understanding behaviors that correlate with high likelihood to renew, and use these insights to make strategic decisions that lead to increased renewals. More info/register.

Host: Association Analytics


  • Bill Conforti, SVP of Strategy & Solutions, Association Analytics
  • Greg Pollack, Vice President of Sales, Association Analytics

Wed 5/5 at 4 p.m. – How to Hybrid: A Virtual Happy Hour

Just when you feel like you’re getting your sea legs under you with virtual, the meeting landscape is changing — again. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or nervous about the transition to hybrid, we hear you, it’s tough, but you don’t have to go it alone. We’ll start with a conversation about hybrid and then meet up in our virtual networking room to continue the conversation in small video breakout rooms. 1 CAE credit. More info/register.

Host: Matrix Group


  • Susan Yaskinshie, SVP of Membership Services at American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers
  • Helen Kutska, Senior Director of Convention Services at American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers
  • Teri Carden, Founder of 100Reviews and Creator of the Non Dues-a-Palooza event
  • Gretchen Steenstra, Strategic Consultant, Technology Management of DelCor Technology Solutions
  • Joanne Pineda, CEO, Matrix Group

Thu 5/6 at 12 p.m. – Conversation with Membership Marketing Expert Tony Rossell About His Recently Released Book: Membership Recruitment: How to Grow Recurring Revenue, Reach New Markets, and Advance Your Mission

Why is membership recruitment so important, and how can you use it to grow your association? These are just a few of the key questions Tony will discuss during this conversation about his new book. Tony will reflect on highlights from his book, sharing tried-and-true wisdom and insights from his 30 years of experience in driving membership growth through new member recruitment. 1 CAE credit. More info/register.

Host: Marketing General Inc. (MGI)


  • Tony Rossell, Senior Vice President, MGI
  • Rick Whelan, President, MGI

Thu 5/6 at 1 p.m. – ASAE Research Foundation DEI, Leadership and Governance: Expert Q&A Forum

The research examined the current state of DEI and recommended practices with regard to board governance, planned DEI strategies and how they are measured, and the influence of boards’ DEI practices including benefits, drawbacks, and obstacles. Hear from the researchers at Trifecta and two DEI and association management experts as they interpret the study’s key findings, answer lingering questions, and share tools and tips to move your DEI efforts forward. More info/register.

Host: ASAE Research Foundation


  • Vicki R. Deal-Williams, FASAE, CAE, Chief Staff Officer for Multicultural Affairs at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
  • David Acosta

Thu 5/6 at 1 p.m. – Fueling (and Funding) Your Education Program

The change in member consumption habits and the growth of micro-learning are changing the way associations fuel and fund education programs and content strategies. Learn about opportunities that may have been overlooked by many associations going through this digital transformation. These opportunities will help to accelerate your educational offerings, increase revenues from educational programming, reduce internal staff effort for speaker and abstract management, and improve the quality and frequency of your educational event and content calendar. More info/register.

Host: .orgCommunity


  • Dan Stevens, President, WorkerBee.TV
  • Dawn Soukup, Director of Business Development, Planstone

Thu 5/6 at 1:30 p.m. – Designing More Networking-Friendly (And Profitable) Events

Learn how to create more connected events with better, more effective networking built into their DNA — be that in-person, online or hybrid. Hear about three networking techniques you can easily apply to your own events and the four-step virtuous cycle between greater networking, easier logistics and higher event profitability. More info/register.

Host: CadmiumCD


  • Pam Rosenberg, CAE, Manager of Learning and Development for the Risk Management Association
  • Lee Gimpel, founder of Better Meetings

Thu 5/6 at 2 p.m. – The 4 Strategic Plans Your Association Needs to Survive and Thrive in 2021 and Beyond

How will your association handle the continued uncertainty of operating in 2021 and beyond? From strategic planning and increasing member engagement to streamlining technologies and growing your online continuing education revenue, adapting to uncertainty is our new norm. More info/register.

Hosts: Canadian Society of Association Executives and Vocalmeet

Thu 5/6 at 3 p.m. – 5 Keys to Association Website Success in 2021 (and Beyond)

New technologies and trends continue to reshape the way we use the web, transforming members’ expectations and what to attract and retain them. Learn the five key web strategies that beat out your competition, engage members and prospects, grow revenue, and build a plan for 2021 and beyond. 1.5 CAE credits. More info/register.

Host: U.S. Transaction Corp.

Presenter: Ray Van Hilst, Director of Client Results, Yoko Consulting

Thu 5/6 at 6 p.m. – International Section Trivia Networking Happy Hour

Join your colleagues and connect virtually over your favorite beverage as you show off your knowledge of world trivia at the first-ever ASAE International Section online networking happy hour. During the one-hour event, you will participate in group activities and compete against your colleagues in rival groups, as you network in an informal online setting. More info/register.

Host: ASAE International Section


  • Jakub Konysz, American Society of Hematology
  • Steven Basart, Kellen

Fri 5/7 at 3:45 p.m. – Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome, also known as imposter phenomenon, is a real and prevailing issue that can potentially affect anyone. It is most prevalent among women and among underrepresented groups, such as people of color, who contend with feelings that they aren’t accomplished enough and that they don’t belong. Left unaddressed, it can negatively affect a person’s career, leading to anxiety, depression and career burnout. Join your peers to understand this phenomenon and learn some tips to combat these negative beliefs. More info/register. (Must join Fridays@4 for free first.)

Host: Fridays@4

Presenter: Dr. Naomi Brahim leads the work of the Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) in Jefferson County Public Schools in Louisville, KY

Sat 5/8 at 12 p.m. – How to Personalize 5 Must-Have Email Templates

Since email marketing is a HUGE topic, this webinar focuses on 5 must-have email templates. We’ll dive into how to add personality, simplicity, and consistency to these marketing emails. And this isn’t your mother’s webinar, so we’ll show you real-life examples of effective emails we’ve created and how you can replicate them. More info/register.

Host: Wine & Whiteboards Podcast

Presenters: Charlotte Muylaert, Sarah Garrity, and Katie Carson

Tue 5/11 at 12 p.m. – Association Management Companies (AMCs) and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Part 1 

Hear the journey of three AMCs as they implement Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and (Accessibility) initiatives in their companies and for their association clients. Learn how each organization defines DEI (A), where and how they chose to start the conversation, their approach to DEI(A) with their association clients, and effective practices both internal and external. More info/register.

Host: ASAE AMC Professionals Advisory Council


  • Beth Quick-Andrews, CAE (facilitator), President, Q&A—An Association Management Company, Inc.
  • Derrick M. Johnson II, CMP DES, Chief Diversity Officer & Director of Event Strategy, Talley Management Group Inc
  • Dionne S. Wilson, CAE, Executive Director, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Association Management Center

Wed 5/12 at 11 a.m. – ASK, CAPTURE, ACT: What to Ask Your Members to Drive Engagement

Explore the concept of conversational engagement. Understand which questions to ask when engaging members in five campaigns: member acquisition, onboarding, needs, event engagement, and renewals/lapsed member. See how PropFuel is helping the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association incorporate questions in their conversational engagement campaigns. 1.5 CAE credits. More info/register.

Host: U.S. Transactions Corp.

Presenter: Dave Will, Co-Founder and CEO, PropFuel

Wed 5/12 at 12 p.m. – COVID Culture Change: Are You Ready?

In the next post-vaccine stage, association executives need to pay attention to organization culture. Learn how you can ensure your association’s culture is aligned for success in this new environment. Jamie will discuss insights on key culture patterns emerging from his research and identify the patterns relevant to today’s changing association environment. He also will offer suggestions to help you shift collaboration, transparency, and innovation patterns to better position your association for future success. 1 CAE credit. More info/register.

Host: Association Xchange

Presenter: Jamie Notter, Co-Founder and Growth Strategist, PROPEL

Wed 5/12 at 12 p.m. – Lead vs Demand Generation

There’s a tendency to use these two terms interchangeably, yet they are unique tactics that stand on their own when it comes to the buyer journey. Join us as we break down the differences between both processes, and the strategy and technology that fuels both efforts and learn how to identify what association marketers need to focus on. More info/register.

Host: HighRoad Solutions


  • Emily Nash, Digital Advisor, HighRoad Solutions
  • Larissa Bateman, Account Executive, HighRoad Solutions

Wed 5/12 at 3 p.m. – Beyond the New Normal, Part 1: Creating a “Work Anywhere” Future for Associations

Collaboratively explore and envision the Work Anywhere Era for associations. A panel of experts will share their predictions on how culture, workplace, technology, and governance may change in the Work Anywhere Era and how we can address inequities created by these changes. Then, we’ll break out into Q&A sessions where you can select from a series of topic-based breakout rooms led by one of our expert panelists. We will end with a laid-back happy hour where you can network and continue the conversation. 1.5 CAE credits. More info/register.

Host: Association Women Technology Champions


  • Rebecca Achurch, PgMP, PMP, CSM, CAE, Chief Executive Officer, Achurch Consulting
  • Genevieve Borello, CAE, Senior Manager, Member Engagement, ACTFL
  • Emily Kirkpatrick, MBA, Executive Director, National Council of Teachers of English
  • Sharon Kneebone, CAE, Executive Director, National Society for Histotechnology
  • KiKi L’Italien, Chief Executive Officer, Association Chat
  • Tori Miller Liu, MBA, CAE, Information Systems Director, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
  • Janet McNichol, SPHR, CAE, Human Resources Director at American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
  • Rhea Steele, MS, CAE, Chief of Staff, School Nutrition Association
  • Barbara J. Armentrout, CAE (Moderator), Client Engagement Manager, Aplusify

Thu 5/13 at 12 p.m. – How to Create & Sell Sponsorships During the COVID-19 Pandemic, and Beyond

As a result of the pandemic, companies have shifted their assessment of association sponsorships. Companies have money to spend on sponsorships, however, they are focusing more on business and marketing value. This webinar will explain the primary reasons companies sponsor associations; how associations can develop sponsorship programs to meet the association’s needs AND each sponsor’s needs; and how to sell sponsorships during this time of uncertainties due to the pandemic and changing event formats. More info/register.

Host: Partnership Professionals Network and Access Marketing & Events


  • Dan Kowitz, Founder & CEO, JSB Partnership Consultants
  • Bruce Rosenthal, Principal, Bruce Rosenthal Associates, LLC
  • Fred Hernandez, President & CEO, Access Marketing & Events
  • Mark Farmer, Vice President, Growth Strategy, Access Marketing & Events

Association Brain Food Weekly is published Friday mornings. If your organization offers free professional development for the association community, please send me the link via email or Twitter before Wednesday evening.

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